Diagram shows common areas of the face that are treated for Botox, namely; Frown or Glabella (10-25 units), Bunny Lines (4-10 units), Smile Lift (4-8 units), Dimpled Chin (2-6 units), Crowns Feet (4-18 units), Forehead Lines (8-20 units).

How much Botox do I need? I often hear this question. Firstly, I attempt with the feature diagram, above this article, to provide an indication of the MOST COMMONLY treated areas on the face (there are others as well). I have indicated the units as minimum and maximum, these are the allowed units for that particular area. The area as indicated around the eyes for the treatment of crow’s feet, is for treating both sides. 


This means that the more you give, the more effective results you will get up to the maximum allowed unit per area. It is also true that a minimum dose is needed to get any effect at all. Everybody's muscle action differs a little as well as that expectations differ.

With planning Botox dosage the following are considered:

  • The expected outcome
  • The apparent strength of the muscles
  • Anatomy
  • The areas that require treatment
  • Were previous Botox treatments done
  • A multitude of medical conditions – present or not
  • Contra-indications
  • Other aesthetic treatments – planned, or recently completed.
  • May another treatment be more appropriate?

Thorough consultation prior to treatment is therefore essential and an accurate quotation may be provided before actual treatment.