Aesthetics & Wellness

Aesthetics & Wellness

At the Mooikelder Premises

Additional services are available at Mooikelder Aesthetics & Wellness as well as Mooikelder Day Spa to complement an approach to holistic wellness.

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A doctor and Aesthetic team dedicated to providing an integrated treatment plan to each individual client. We consult in a private setting and allow enough time in consultation to be thorough. Our staff are professional, well trained and work cohesively, paying particular attention to detail.  All team members are accredited and registered with appropriate institutions.  We also only use products and treatment devices from companies that have been scientifically proven to be effective.

Botox Treatment Dr. Ria Smit Paarl

Botox and Filler

Acne Treatment Dr. Ria Smit Paarl

Skin Treatments

Women's Health


I've always been afraid of injections so I avoided Aesthetic Medicine but I have to thank Dr Ria Smit for her patience. The peaceful country surroundings added to a relaxing ambience that subtly combined modern offices with old-world charm. I felt right at home!

Chantal Pretorius


Dr Smit is very friendly and caring and made me feel right at home in her practice. Will definitely recommend her to family and friends.

Minka Roux