Growth factors (GFs) are specialised proteins in our bodies that act as chemical messengers. Closely related to GFs are cytokines, which are messengers that are part of the immune system.   They play a key role in the process of inflammation for wound healing and skin regeneration. GFs and cytokines are found naturally in body cells including macrophages, epidermal keratinocytes and fibroblasts.

These (amongst others) are the cells responsible for the production and distribution of collagen and elastin, forming and regulating the ECM (extracellular matrix – the specialized fluid that surrounds all our cells), the forming of new blood vessels, as well as the regulation of essential cell functions.  Therefore, they support healthy skin structure and function.

Dr. Al-Qahtani’s discovery of the use of GFs in aesthetics came as a result of his interaction with third degree burn victims in their wound healing and cell regeneration therapies.

A healthy skin biopsy was taken from a patient and fibroblast (skin) cells were isolated using advanced cell sorting technology. The desired fibroblast cells were replicated under sterile conditions and purified to obtain specific growth factors. The growth factors were isolated, purified, and placed under skin grafts and applied at the wound site.

This resulted in the regeneration of the wound site and the emergence of new healthy, smoother skin with little to no scarring.

Through his extensive research in the use of growth factors for medical application in wound healing and creation of artificial skin grafts, he came to recognise the potential for the application of GFs in the treatment of ageing skin.

Pathways and methods of ageing, both intrinsic and extrinsic, bear various similarities to that of superficial and deep skin wounds.

He formulated a serum containing precisely the composition of cell signalling molecules required to induce healing and regeneration to ageing skin. The correct combination and balance of the various GFs seem to play a crucial role in the remodelling and strengthening of damaged skin tissue.

AQ Skin Solution’s serums (AQ Recovery, Active, and Eye Serum) utilise the skin’s own renewal mechanisms to reverse the signs of ageing.  Combinations of GFs, cytokines, skin conditioning agents, and antioxidants are used to improve the appearance of the skin, in terms of fine lines, wrinkles, ages spots, tone and texture.

Yes, and this is because of controlled inflammation that is caused the skin that grows back is better organized and appear smoother and younger looking.

Are there types of Chemical Peels?

  • AQ Skin Solutions now refers to their treatment with Recovery Serum as Growth Factor Induced Therapy® (GFIT). Ta The AQ Recovery Serum is used in conjunction with micro needling which helps to introduce the serum to the deeper layers of the skin.  This system of introducing growth factors is easier, more convenient, and even safer than other conventional methods.
  • As already mentioned this works by targeting fibroblast cells that are responsible for providing a backbone for the skin.  It also improves the appearance of ageing, damaged and post procedure skin by stimulating the skin’s own ability to repair DNA damage that causes the signs of ageing.

    GFIT and the broader AQ Skin Solutions product range is now available at my practice.