Women's Health Tip for your Thirties


During this episode of Sprankel, I delve into a few health aspects that you must be aware of in your thirties.

The transition from the 20s to the 30s is a wonderful time. You may feel eighteen, but there’s definitely a lot more experience there.  Women in this phase must be in top form.  Fit, healthy, spiritually strong, with a lot of physical, mental, and spiritual stamina so that she can complete many different daily tasks.

There’s always going to be change throughout life, but in my practice, I find that this stage can be especially challenging.

There are so many firsts. This is typically the time when you meet your life partner, get married and begin a family…. A lot of women need to have a career and this phase is important to establish yourself also in that.

Our bodies change because of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Our world change when that firstborn makes their appearance. Don’t get me wrong, children are a wonderful blessing, but life as you knew it is over.

A lot is placed on women’s shoulders – some part of which we have to admit often is self-inflicted, but  the end result is potential stressors from every angle in your life. You have to learn to handle it, but I experience that we as woman sometimes don’t grant ourselves the time to nurture ourselves while the people around us are being taken care of.

Make your well-being a priority and capacity for the rest will usually flow from there.

Let me point out some specific physical health related topics.

The thyroid… is an interesting organ.

Research are still pointing to new evidence about this organ. I hope you know that it is in your neck just beneath the skin and in front of the air pipe in the form of a butterfly.

Thyroid hormone is responsible for metabolic functions. Metabolic function is  a big word – it literally means  al the chemical processes which are responsible for a living organism.

In the context of the thyroid, it sums it up perfectly. In more simple terms- there isn’t a process, or organ system in your body which isn’t directly or indirectly dependent on the thyroid.

Thyroid hormone is of critical importance for the normal development of the brain, bone structure and heart.

Up to 10% of adults suffer from thyroid abnormalities.

It is one of those illnesses which affects woman more than men and are also more common how older we get, especially after 35 years of age.

Fatigue and weight gain can have a lot of causes, but it is these symptoms which I find woman complain about the most when they have a thyroid abnormality. There is a long list of other symptoms which can also indicate a thyroid abnormality and remember!

The thyroid can be under or overactive. If you are wondering about your thyroid, come and let’s have a talk about it.

A sensitive topic for young woman is bladder control after pregnancy. Yes, it is that sprinkle with a cough or sneeze. The  feeling that you don’t want to run or jump with your children as you’re not sure what might happen. A lot of women are ashamed to talk about it… just know that there is help.

Naturally you would just want to make sure that there is no medical reason for it like bladder infection. Me, or your doctor, can help with that.

But, be aware that a specialist field in physiotherapy was developed to specifically help woman with this issue.

It becomes more important to check your blood pressure, sugar, and cholesterol levels more frequently.

Make yourself aware of which ailments runs in your family so that the relevance of it can be discussed. Regular routine examinations every 2-3 years will help you keep track of routine health checks. It is important to know that Diabetes and Cardiovascular diseases are still the no. 1 reason for deaths in women of South Africa.

For general stamina and immune support, I would recommend supplements like VitaminB complex, Zink and VitaminD. Also, it is important  that you always  give yourself a dose of friendliness. Work gently, full of love and nurturing with yourself.