Not All Vitamin-C Serums Are Created equal!

“Skin is naturally built for repair. When bombarded by environmental assaults skin must focus on neutralising oxidative damage which limits its capacity for reparative functions. Daily use of pure vitamin C antioxidants – when properly formulated to penetrate the skin – protect against damage, enhancing self-repair to reduce signs of aging.” Quote by Dr. Sheldon Pinnell: – Founder of Skin Ceuticals.

Vitamin-C is one of five types of Antioxidants naturally found in the body and in the skin which helps to fight against oxidation.  When molecules lose electrons through a process called oxidation they become unstable and harmful.  Antioxidants are able to protect against this type of damage.

“For a Vitamin-C formulation to penetrate skin AND for it to be bio-available for use by the skin it must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Pure L-Ascorbic Acid – the purest form of Vitamin-C.
  • Formulated in high concentrations: 10-20%.
  • Formulated at an acidic PH: Below 3.5.

A highly recommended Vitamin-C serum is, C E Ferulic from Skin Ceuticals

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